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Mantua of the Month – May 2020

This mantua and petticoat dates from the 1760s. It is shaped from French silk, and features an undulating ermine motif. The design mimics the ermine fur trim, which is often seen in royal portraiture. Ermine have a white winter coat apart from their tails, which retain a dark hue. Real fur ermine tails are interspersedContinue reading “Mantua of the Month – May 2020”

Unbound Exhibition at Two Temple Place

* This review was written before Unbound was closed due to recent events. I have decided to publish it to celebrate the work that went into the exhibition. Two Temple Place is an imposing building, and it has the added advantages of being free to visit, with a great shop and cafe. Their exhibition Unbound:Continue reading “Unbound Exhibition at Two Temple Place”